Release Notes - 2017

November 17 2017

  • Updated the way PDF's are displayed on iPads and iPhones. 

November 15 2017

  • Updated the guest login screen to use separate fields for First Name and Last Name. Previously it just asked for "Name". This will help improve data accuracy for guest users.
  • Fixed a learner import issue related to SSO.

October 23 2017

  • The name and caption fields of course content are now considered when a learner does a search from the My Training screen.
    • Matched content items will display below the course.
    • Matched content can be selected by the learner to jump right to that content - as long as they have previously completed/viewed the content or course. 

September 29 2017

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some courses and users from being removed from a team.

September 26 2017

  • Changed the Course Due Notification Service to send each person that has training due a single email that lists all due courses instead of a separate email per course.
  • Increased the upload limit of Audio content files.
  • Fixed a couple of minor display issues.

August 23 2017

  • Added Ratings and Reviews to the administrator dashboard, making it easier to see the top rated courses and manage reviews. 
    • The Ratings and Reviews information can be found near the bottom of the dashboard
    • Displays the Top 5 Rated courses, with a link to see all.
    • Displayed the 5 most Recent Reviews, with a link to manage all reviews
  • Added a new interactive report to make managing reviews across all courses easier. You can access this report under Courses->Reports->Ratings and Reviews Report. Using the report, you can:
    • See all ratings and reviews for all courses
    • Quickly see all comments that need approval
    • Filter for all comments that have been hidden
    • Filter for all comments that have been approved
  • Added a sort option to the Course List screen that enables you to order the courses based on their rating.
  • Added paging to the Enrollments With No Activity report to make working with the information easier when a large number of enrollments are returned.
  • Fixed a couple of minor display issues.

July 7 2017

  • Admins can now export the ratings and reviews for a course to an Excel spreadsheet. There is a new "Export" button on the ratings screen to support this feature.

June 28 2017

  • Added the learners score and number of attempts to complete the course to the new course ratings screen. 
  • Made a minor display adjustment to the course rating screen.

June 21 2017

  • Easily gather ratings and reviews about your course from your learners! There is a new setting available on the Course Settings screen (under the Completion section) called Ratings. When enabled, learners will be prompted (but not required) to rate the course when they complete it. They can optionally leave a comment as well.
    • If a course is configured to be Graded and Retake until Pass is set, then the ratings prompt will not be displayed until the learner passes the course.
    • If a course is configured to be Graded with No Retakes, the ratings prompt is displayed at the completion of the course, regardless if they pass or fail.
  • When ratings are enabled for a course, admins have some options on whether or not learners can view the rating results.
    • Don't display any rating results to the learners.
    • Display the average star rating only. This will show next to the course on the My Training screen.
    • Display the star rating and allow them to read any "approved" comments. 
    • Display the star rating and allow them to read all comments (except hidden). This includes all Not Reviewed and Approved comments, essentially ignoring any approval process.
  • When enabled, a learner can click the star rating for a course to view the comments for that course. 
  • As an admin, you can view all the ratings and reviews for a course by clicking the star rating at the top of any course management screen. 
  • You can also access the ratings and reviews for a course on the Course Reports tab.
  • As an admin, when reviewing the comments you can:
    • Approved a comment - making it visible to learners (if the course is configured to show approved comments to learners)
    • Hide a comment. These comments will never be displayed to learners. However, the rating provided by the user will still count in the course rating average.

May 30 2017

  • Made some improvements to the email engine used for sending bulk emails.
  • Added supporting infrastructure for the upcoming new feature - Course Ratings.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues.

April 26 2017

  • Added an "uncategorized" filter to the Courses screen. When selected, this will display all courses that are currently not assigned to any category.

April 20 2017

  • Introduced Categories for better course organization. Learn More About Categories.
    • Courses in the library will be displayed by Category.
  • Updated the Courses screen to a new interface.
    • Publish, Unpublish, and Archive courses
    • Add/Remove courses to/from the library
    • Jump directly to the course Settings, Enrollments, or Overview screen.
    • Added additional filters for Status, Created By, Category, and In Library.
    • Scrolling down automatically fetches the next set of courses - there is no more "paging".
    • You can create and manage Categories from the Courses screen.
    • Added additional options for each course listed. You can now quickly:

March 14 2017

  • Admins can now receive an email notification every time someone completes a course. The email contains relevant course completion information including the status (Pass/Fail/Completed), time spent, score, and the questions and answers.

March 9 2017

  • Survey questions and answers are now displayed on the course ScoreCard for a user.

February 25 2017

  • An admin can no longer inactivate their own account.
  • Updated the logins report to include the type of browser and IP address.
  • Updated some core infrastructure.

January 13 2017

  • Added an option to the Team Progress Report to show only the training assigned directly to the team itself, or to show all training for all members of the team - regardless of how it was assigned to the member.
  • Added a check to the Email Questions field on the course settings screen to make sure only one email address is supplied.
  • Upgraded the video player.

January 10 2017

  • Added a new company setting that requires users to pick strong passwords when setting/changing their password. The new setting is called "Require Strong Passwords" and can be turned on by going to Company Settings -> People Settings.
  • When Require Strong Passwords is enabled, a person will have to use a password containing:
    • at least one uppercase character
    • at least one lowercase character
    • at least one number
    • at least one special character
    • a minimum of 8 characters.

January 6 2017

  • Teams can now be assigned to new users when using the new user import template.
    • There is a new Team Id column in the new user import template. Fill in this column with the team id(s) you want to assign each person.
    • If assigning a person to multiple teams, each team id needs to be separated by a comma.
    • Each team's id can be found on the team's detail screen. 
  • Multiple users can be marked inactive/active at once using the batch update import.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues.



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