Release Notes - 2016

December 23 2016

  • Admins can now delete course content items directly from the content list screen. There is a new red trash can icon next to each content item. Clicking this icon will delete the item.

December 14 2016

  • Increased the maximum upload size for videos to 2 gigs per video.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues.

November 25 2016

  • Added a new 'Training Admin' role that allows users to add, remove, and manage courses, users, and teams. Similar to a Company Admin, but without access to company settings.
    • All users that were previously Company Admins but not marked as an account owners are now 'Training Admins'.
    • All people that were account owners remain 'Company Admins'. Use Company Admin sparingly.

November 10 2016

  • The 'Employee' user role has been renamed 'Learner' to be more grammatically correct when sharing training with people who are not technically your employees (customers, business partners, etc.).
  • Any user defined custom fields are now displayed in the Progress Report for All Active Courses.
  • Fixed a couple of minor display issues.

November 1 2016

  • Course collections can now be assigned to teams. Learn how.

Note: This is a "one time" assignment, just like when assigning a course collection to an individual person. This means if you add another course at a later date to the collection, any team (or individual) who was previously assigned the collection does not automatically get the new course. You can either assign the new course as usual, or re-assign the collection to the person/teams as needed. 

October 22 2016

  • Admins can now grant course enrollment permissions to Team Managers - allowing them to manage course enrollments for their team members. When granted, a Team Manager can:
    • Enroll members in courses
    • Unenroll members from courses
    • Force Skip and Reactivate Force Skipped courses
    • Reset enrollments
  • For each team, you can select the courses you want the Team Managers to be able to manage.
  • Currently, this new permission setting is only available under the Team management area. 
  • See how to grant course management permissions to Team Managers for more information on how to activate this permission on a team.
  • For Team Managers, learn how to assign courses to your members.

September 20 2016

  • Admins can now choose to be notified via SMS text message when their PowerPoint has finished processing.
  • When someone fails a course that is configured to "retake until pass", they will see a message at the end of the course (on the "Failed" slide) telling them they need to retake the course.

September 12 2016

  • If you change the number of records displayed on any of the Teams, People, or Courses screens, Traineaze will remember your selection so you don't have to keep changing it when you come back to the same screen.

September 7 2016

  • Added a new Logins and Course Views chart to the admin dashboard. This new chart shows how overall usage is trending over time.
    • You can click on "more about logins" or "more about course views" located at the top right of the chart to see more information about each topic
  • Added a new Logins Report that shows Total Logins, Unique Logins and the Top 10 Logins per month.
    • You can change the time span shown by changing the number of months located at the top right of the chart.
    • Clicking on a data point for any month will show the Top Logins for the selected month.
    • You can get to this new report by clicking "more about logins" from the new chart on the admin dashboard, or by visiting the People->Reports page.
  • Added a new Course Views Report that shows Total Course Views and the Top 10 Courses Viewed for the given time frame. 
    • You can change the time span shown by changing the number of months located at the top right of the chart.
    • Clicking on a data point for any month will show the Top Courses for the selected month
    • You can get to this new report by clicking "more about course views" from the new chart on the admin dashboard, or by visiting the Courses->Reports page.

August 21 2016

  • Added a Description field to course external content.
  • Now display the name and description of external content slides so a learner has a better idea of what they are about to view before they click the "View" button. 

August 5 2016

  • Added an option to set a default password when resending the Welcome Email to all users that have never logged in.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues.

August 1 2016

  • You can now optionally allow learners to submit questions via email from a course.
    • This can be configured on a per course basis from the course settings screen.
    • It can also be configured as a company wide setting under Company->Course Settings. 
    • Added an option under Company->Course Settings that enables you to update all existing courses to use the new company wide "Allow Learner Questions" settings.
    • When a learner is taking a course, there is a new Email icon located at the top left of the screen. Clicking the icon allows them to ask a question that will get emailed to the course admin. They can optionally add a call-back number.
  • Added a search box to the Add Courses popup window. This is the window that appears when viewing a persons record and you click the "Add Courses" button.
  • You can now see and set prerequisite courses from the Course Collections screen.
  • Added the course thumbnail next to the course name on the Course Collections screen.
  • On the My Training screen, we added course counts to the Library and Completed icons.
    • The number on the Completed icon shows how many courses you have completed.
    • The number on the Library icon shows how many courses are available to you in the library that you have not yet completed.

July 21 2016

  • Admins can now resend the Welcome Email to multiple people with a single click. Previously you could only resend the welcome email one user at a time.
    • You can choose to resend it to all people that have never logged in.
    • You can also import a list of user accounts to receive the email.
  • Updated the search functionality in the People section under Teams so the member/non-member counts match the search results. In addition, the search criteria is displayed as the active filter.
  • Updated the search functionality in the Course section under Teams so the assigned/not assigned counts match the search results. In addition, the search criteria is displayed as the active filter

July 14 2016

  • Team managers can now easily send training reminders to their team members.
    • From the My Teams dashboard a team manager can click the Send Reminders link. This will send a reminder to any member across all of their teams that has active training To Do.
    • If a team manager has multiple teams, they can choose to send reminders to a specific team by clicking the team name in the My Teams box. Then from the Members screen they can choose to Send Reminders to all members.
    • A team manager can also choose to send a reminder to a specific person that lists all their To Do training. This can be done by viewing that persons profile (clicking their name from the My Training dashboard) and then clicking the Send Reminder link.
    • A team manager can also send a reminder to a specific person for a specific course by clicking the action icon (down arrow) next to a persons record on the My Training dashboard and then selecting Send Reminder.
  • Updated the courses screen to make it easier for team managers to see what training still needs to be completed for a person. There are now filters for To Do and Completed. This view is very similar to what an admin sees when viewing a persons courses screen.

July 3 2016

  • When taking a course, the course name is now displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Made some underlying architecture changes.

June 12 2016

  • You can now upload a logo to use on the login page. Previously the same logo was used for both the menu bar and the login and was limited by the height of the menu bar. Now the login logo can be much larger (300px width by 280px height). This can be set in Company Settings.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues.

June 05 2016

  • Collection names can now be changed by clicking the edit icon found on the collection header bar (collection management screen).
  • When setting a prerequisite course, if the prerequisite course does not allow retake attempts (pass/fail with no retakes), you now have the option of unlocking the course only if the prerequisite course is passed. 

May 27 2016

  • Added a new Certificates tab to a learner's profile record. This makes it easy for an administrator or team manager to view all the certificates a person has earned.

May 20 2016

  • You can now set the default "To Do" view to the Library with all course categories collapsed. Previously they were always expanded.

May 5 2016

  • Added an email address validation check when modifying company email templates.

April 21 2016

  • Added course published/unpublished status indicators to the list of courses under teams and to the course collections screen. 
  • Course Collections no longer show archived courses.

April 15 2016

  • Added the ability to grant/revoke access to the library on a per person basis. 
    • There is a new checkbox on a person's Details page that toggles library access on/off for that person.
    • Added a column to the user export report that shows whether or not a person has access to the library.
    • During a user import and/or update, you can now turn library access on/off for each person being imported.
    • Updated the API so user objects have support for the library access flag. 
  • Added a "To Do" count indicator on the My Training screen that shows how many "To Do" courses you have. This helps when your default view is set to Library mode because now you can easily see you have additional training under To Do.

April 3 2016

  • Added the ability to Clone a course. Changes you make to the cloned version do not impact the original version. This can be found on the Course Settings page under the "Course Options" dropdown.
  • Moved the course Archive and Delete buttons to be options under the Course Settings->Course Options dropdown.
  • Added the menu option "Add Course to Library" to the Course Settings->Course Options dropdown.
  • You can now delete skills from a persons profile that were previously awarded to them by completing a course.

March 22 2016

  • Companies can now change the Traineaze color scheme to better match their brand. 

March 11 2016

  • Added support for custom domains. Now you can request to use your own company domain to access Traineaze.

March 7 2016

  • Introduced a new Library feature. The Library enables you to share optional training with all of your users and allows your users to self-enroll in any training they are interested in. 
    • Any course added to the library is visible to all of your users. If you only want certain people to see a course, then continue to use enrollments for that course.
    • A course can be both in the library and have enrollments. Anyone who is enrolled in the course will see it show under their To Do (same as before).
    • More info: How to add a course to the library
  • Added support for course thumbnail images. A course thumbnail is auto generated from the course contents (videos, PowerPoints, and images), or you can choose to upload your own thumbnail image.
  • The "My Training" screen has been updated:
    • Added new icons to the top of the screen that allow a user to see all To Do training,  training available in the Library, and all their completed training.
    • The course thumbnails are displayed next to each course name.
  • Added a new company option that enables you to set the Library as the default view for all of your learners. 
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues.

February 28 2016

  • Changed the color of unselected tabs to light grey. This makes it easier to tell which tab is currently selected.
  • Made a change to several email notification services to better handle inactive accounts and courses.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues.

January 29 2016

  • Added a Current Training indicator to the employee detail screen that shows the number of current courses the person has "To Do" and how many are "Past Due". 
  • Improved the employee course list screen to provide easier tracking of all "To Do" training.
  • Added the ability to send a notification to a person that reminds them of all their current "To Do" training. This new action can be found on the employee detail and course list screens.
  • If a course has a due date, the due date is now displayed in red when an employee views their To Do training.

January 26 2016

  • You can now resend the new enrollment email notification to an individual on an as-needed basis. This new option can be found on the drop-down menu next a person name on the Course Enrollments and Course Overview screens.
  • When Resetting All Enrollments for a course, there is now an option to send an email to all people letting them know their enrollment was reset. 
  • Company skills can now be deleted.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues.



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