Release Notes - 2018

July 27 2018

  • Added a "days back" selector to the My Teams dashboard that enables you to specify how far back to include completed courses. 
  • Added a "Most Recently Updated" sort option to the Courses screen. Selecting this option will list all courses by the last updated date.
  • The last updated field is now displayed for each course on the Courses screen. 
  • Fixed an issue where Force Completed courses were not unlocking the next course in a series.

May 28 2018

  • Changed the way poster images are displayed while videos are loading/buffering. Now the image displayed is captured from the beginning of the video instead of later in the video. 

April 20 2018

  • Updated the course viewer question and survey screens to show a default question/survey icon if no image.
  • Modified the course enrollments screen so you can now find a person by their first name, last name, or email address. 
  • Made a few display adjustments.

April 13 2018

  • Updated the individual Learner Training Report.
    • The Average Time and Score are now calculated prior to building the spreadsheet. Previously, they were based on Excel functions.
    • Forced Completes are no longer included when calculating the Average Score and Time.
    • Added a new Skills tab at the bottom of the screen. This new tab displays all skills the learner has been awarded, including comments, source, etc.

April 4 2018

  • Company admins can now customize the message displayed to a guest users after exiting a course. This can be configured in Company Settings->Course Settings.
    • You can also include a link to be displayed after the message.
  • The guest logoff screen now displays your company logo, along with your customized message and link (if defined).

March 31 2018

  • Course enrollments can now be marked Forced Complete by admins and optionally team managers. This can be helpful if you have a learner that has previously completed a course in a different system and you don't want them to go through it again in Traineaze, or maybe even someone completed a course offsite. 
    • If the course has a certificate associated with it, it will be available to the learner.
    • Any associated skills will also be awarded to the learner.
    • Most dashboards will show the enrollment under the Completed section, however the individual status for the enrollment will show as Forced Complete so you can distinguish between normal Completions and Forced Completions.
    • The new status will also show in Excel Reports so you can easily filter for completed data.
    • Since there is no true progress and completion data for an enrollment marked Forced Complete, learners will be unable to review the course unless the Forced Complete status is removed. Once removed they will be able to go through the course as normal.
  • You can remove the Forced Complete status at anytime.
    • Removing the Forced Complete status will also remove any certificate and skills awarded to the learner.
  • Menu options to mark/remove an enrollment as Forced Completed have been added to the individual enrollment drop down menu on all screens that show enrollment/progress information - similar to how enrollments are marked Forced Skip or Reset.

March 25 2018

  • Updated the Web API to support assigning collections to a leaner.
  • Updated the Web API to provide a list of available course collections.

March 17 2018

  • You can now easily assign multiple teams to a course collection from the course collections screen.
  • You can also now remove a team from a course collection on the course collection screen.
  • Made a few minor display adjustments.
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

February 20 2018

  • Cloning a course with a past due date no longer raises an error. Instead, the newly cloned version of the course starts with an empty due date.

February 17 2018

  • Teams can now be assigned to a collection from the course collections screen. This makes it a lot faster to assign multiple teams to a collection.
  • When running the All Active Courses Progress Report, you can now choose to include All completion data. Also added an option to include the last 2 years of completion data. Previously you could only choose 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, or 1 year.
  • Fixed a minor display issue on the team courses screen.

January 28 2018

  • Made a change to subscription settings that make it a little easier for old accounts to reactivate their subscription.
  • Made some small infrastructure changes.



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