How to add test questions to a course

Adding test questions to a course you have created is a great way to verify learner comprehension.

The types of questions you can add are:

  • Multiple Choice - Pick One
  • Multiple Choice - Select All That Apply
  • True/False (Yes/No)
  • Fill In The Blank

How to Add a Question

1. Click Courses from the top main menu.

2. Select the course you want to add questions to.

3. Click the Content tab on the left side of the screen.

4. Click the Add Content button on the right side of the screen.

Note: If your course doesn't yet have any content and this is the first item you are adding, then instead of seeing the Add Content button, you will see a list of the types of content you can add. You can continue with step 5.

5. Select Add Test Question.

Note: If you hover over the Add Test Question option you will see a choice for Multiple Choice or Fill In The Blank. For this tutorial, select Multiple Choice. If you click on Add Test Question (instead of hovering over it) it will default to creating a multiple choice question.

6. Type your question in the Question box.

7. Add your multiple choice answers by typing an answer in the Answer Pool box and clicking Add. Repeat this step for each answer you want to add to the answer pool.

8. After you have added all your possible answers, find the correct answer in the list and mark it as the correct answer by clicking the "No" under the Is Correct column. The Is Correct value should change to a "Yes".

9. Optionally enter values for Correct Feedback and Incorrect Feedback. When someone answers the question, Traineaze will display this feedback to the learner. 

10. Click the Save button.

11. Your question has been added to the course. You can leave the question at the end of the course or drag and drop it to place it between two other pieces of content - for example, between two PowerPoint slides.

12. Repeat steps 4-11 for each question you want to add.


When you add questions to a course, it is not required that the course be "graded" (Pass/Fail). If you want to make the course graded, view How to enable course grading.




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