How do I unenroll a member from a course?

If you have been given permission to manage course enrollments for your members, you can enroll, unenroll, force skip, and reset enrollments. Permissions are on a per course basis, so only the courses you have been granted permission to will be able to be managed.

To Unenroll (or force skip, reactivate forced skipped, and reset) an Enrollment

1. Click My Teams from the top main menu.

2. Select a team from the right side of the screen.

3. Pick the member you want to manage enrollments for.

4. Click the drop down arrow next to the course you want to unenroll.

5. From the popup menu, select Unenroll

If you want to force skip or reset an enrollment, follow the same steps above but select the appropriate action from the popup menu.

Note: If you do not see the option to unenroll, skip, etc. from the popup menu, then you do not have permission to manage enrollments for that course.


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