Release Notes - 2015

December 28 2015

  • There is a new company setting that enables you to toggle whether or not the email address is a required field for a person. By default, it is required.

Note: Please keep in mind if you don't provide an email address for someone, then the system has no way to send notifications to that person. That means all new course enrollment notifications, course due notifications, new user welcome emails, and notifications related to password resets must be handled by you.

  • Changed the way people get imported to teams and course enrollments from Excel. Now the import is based on Username instead of Email Address. When importing people to a team or course enrollment, please make sure your Excel file contains the column "Username", along with the usernames of all people you want to import.

November 30 2015

  • The courses in a collection can now be ordered so they display in the correct sequence. From the collection management screen, you can move a course up or down in the display order by clicking the up/down arrows.
  • Added a new company setting that enables you set the default display view for all employees when viewing "My Training". The options are "Show by To Do" (this is the default), an "Show by Collection".

November 24 2015

  • Added an expand/collapse icon to the collection header.
  • Added a course count to the collection header. This shows how many courses the collection contains.

November 23 2015

  • Learners can now view all their assigned training by collection. This means if you have grouped courses into collections, your learners can now view their training by the same grouped collections as well.

October 15 2015

  • Updated the REST API to include an option for "mustChangePassword" when creating new users through the API. Previously, this would always default to true.

October 11 2015

  • You can now reset all enrollments for a course. Previously you could only reset enrollments on an individual basis. When you reset all enrollments, all active users will be forced to retake the course from the beginning.
  • Updated the REST API to include methods for adding and removing people to/from a team.

October 5 2015

  • Learners can now search for specific training on the My Training screen. The search uses the course name and description for a criteria match.
  • When clicking the expand/collapse bars on the My Training screen, plus/minus icons now show to match the expand/collapse state.
  • No longer display the "missing video file" message while a video is being processed.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues.

September 8 2015

  • Long answers on multiple choice questions wrap correctly when displayed on smaller resolutions.
  • When uploading attachments to a course, you can now add PNG images as a type of reference material.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues.

August 17 2015

  • Added a "Choose All That Apply" option to multiple choice test questions. When you create a new multiple choice question, there is now an option at the top of the screen that enables you to toggle between "Pick one" and "Choose All That Apply". 
    • If you select Choose All That Apply, you will be able to mark multiple answers as "Correct".
    • When a learner encounters a "Choose All That Apply" question, they must get all answers correct for the question to be considered correct.
  • When creating a course, if you add a video or audio slide but don't upload any audio or video, there is now an indicator alerting you that the media file is missing.
  • If a question has an image attached to it, a thumbnail of the image is displayed on the list of contents page (course creation).
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues.

August 5 2015

  • You can now enroll a person in all the courses contained in a course collection. For example, if you have a course collection called New Hire Training with 4 courses that you want all new hires to take, when you add a new employee, you can easily select the New Hire Training collection to give them all the new hire courses. Previously you would have to select the courses individually. More information about assigning course collections.

July 26 2015

  • In addition to the standard Traineaze Certificate of Completion, you can now upload and award your own custom Certificate of Completions to learners.
    • Certificates you add under Company Settings will be available to use in any course.
    • If you add a certificate to a specific course, it's only available to that course. This enables you to create special Certificates for specific courses.
  • Learn how to create your own custom Certificate of Completion for use in Traineaze.

July 18 2015

  • Updated API to allow guests to be converted to employees by changing the role. 
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

July 9 2015

  • If a video or PowerPoint slide is longer than 30 seconds, we use a thumbnail from further along in the clip. This should help differentiate slides that all start off the same way.  
  • Changed the way videos and audio clips get notified of transcoding progress.

July 3 2015

  • When taking a course, there is a new Course Outline icon located at the top left of the screen.
    • Clicking on the new course outline icon shows you all the content items in the course and allow you to navigate to any content item you have previously completed.
    • When creating a course, the name you give a content item is what get's displayed in the course outline.
    • Read more about the Course Outline.
  • When creating test questions, you can now select the content item that covers/teaches the material for the question. This new field is called "Covered In" and shows a list of all content items defined in the course. When set, a link will be displayed after a person answers a question that will take them directly to the content item so they can review the material.
  • Added the field "Added Date" to the user export report. This new field shows the date the person was added to the system.

July 1 2015

  • Released the new RESTful API for easy integration with your other internal systems. Read more.

June 29 2015

  • JWT SSO now has an option for you to specify an Error Endpoint. During SSO, if there is an error and you have an error endpoint specified, the user will be redirected to your error endpoint along with an error code. This enables you to handle certain errors gracefully in combination with the Traineaze API. 
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs.

June 22 2015

  • Improved the message that gets displayed when adding a new user and the email address or username is already in use. This applies to both importing and adding single users.
  • When manually adding a new user (not via import), if there is a conflict with the email address or username, a link is displayed that will take you to the conflicting user record. This can be a big help if the person already has a guest record and you need to convert them to an employee record.

June 16 2015

  • Added a Reports tab under the People menu option.
  • Added a Reports tab under the Courses menu option
  • Added a new Skills Report that shows all skills for all active people in the system. You can view this report under the new Reports tab in the people section.
  • Added a new report called Active Guest Accounts to the People->Reports section.  

June 15 2015

  • On the course overview screen, the persons email address is now displayed under their name.
  • You can now search for people by email address on the course overview screen.
  • Updated the browser and mobile icons when bookmarking the site. The new icons display the Traineaze star logo.
  • Updated all Traineaze logo's to now show the star logo.
  • Addressed a couple of small bugs and spelling errors.

May 26 2015

  • Added a live chat component that allows company admins to get online help directly from Traineaze.

May 24 2015

  • The InStoreIQ application has been renamed to Traineaze.

May 4 2015

  • The admin dashboard has been updated with a new look.
  • Inactivity tracking has been added to the admin dashboard. The goal of inactivity tracking is to make system maintenance/cleanup as easy as possible. With inactivity tracking, you can:
    • Archive courses that have had no activity for a period of time
    • Skip enrollments that have had no activity for a period of time
    • Inactivate user accounts that were created, but the person has never logged in
  • On the old dashboard, clicking "Team Managers", gave you an Excel report. Now you will see a screen that displays all team managers. The Excel report option is still available from this new Team Manager screen. 
  • Added "Grouping" to several screens. Grouping enables you group data together for easier viewing. The screens that support grouping are:
    • The new inactivity report screens
    • The course overview screen
    • The enrollments dashboard
    • The team manager list
    • The my teams dashboard
  • Changing the number of rows to display in a grid is now persisted so when you view the list again, the same number of rows will be displayed. Previously it would always start at 10.
  • When you click Teams from the main menu, you will now see the team member count and created date columns in the list of teams.
  • On a person's profile, when viewing the Teams they belong to you will now see a Team Manager indicator which let's you know all teams this person manages. You can also promote/demote a person to/from a team manager on this screen.  
  • Added the employee number to the All Active Courses Progress report.

April 20 2015

  • We have added/adjusted course inactivity tracking that gives you more control over when to automatically end an inactive person's course session. Previously, this was a system setting and was not configurable. Now, you can define a global timeout to be used for all your courses, plus you can override this global setting on a per-content basis. The new inactivity tracking should help make Total Time reporting more accurate for each person in a course. More Info
    • The default value is 5 minutes, but this can be adjusted on a global basis by each company under Company Settings.
    • You can also override the company default value for each piece content, giving you even more control as you build your course. 
    • Most inactivity tracking begins once the Next button is visible. However, for video/audio content it starts after the clip has finished playing. For questions, inactivity tracking begins immediately. Activity tracking for external content, or content displayed in a new window, is disabled.
  • When taking a course, if you are inactive for 5 minutes (that's the default time value, but it can be changed by a company admin) your session will expire and you will be logged out of the course. You will get a 30 second countdown before you are logged out. To cancel the timeout, move or click your mouse, press a key, or tap your screen (if you're on a mobile device).
  • Addressed a couple of small issues and defects.

April 10 2015

  • When sending a course message, you can now specify a different Reply-To email address. Previously it would default to yourself with no way to change it.
  • Addressed a couple of small issues and defects.

March 20 2015

  • You can now reset a person's course enrollment. This effectively resets the course for that person and causes them to restart.
  • Added a new "more options" drop down menu next to each person that is currently enrolled in a course to the Course Enrollments screen. Options for each member include force skipping and enrollment, reactivating a previously skipped enrollment, and resetting an enrollment.
  • Under people management, the team screen is now searchable.
  • Under people management, the number of members a team currently has is displayed next to the team name.

March 10 2015

  • Courses can now be set to allow free flow navigation. When enabled, all users regardless of their progress status will be able to move forward through the course without waiting for any videos to finish and/or built delays to expire - similar to viewing a course after it's already been completed. However, questions still need to be answered. 
  • When viewing the All Courses Progress Report, you can now specify how many days worth of completed enrollments to include. The default is 30 days.

March 4 2015

  • Course content can now be reordering by dragging and dropping. Click the blue bar on the left side of any content item and drag it to it's new position.
  • When viewing the list of course contents, you can quickly update the name/title of any content item by clicking it's current name. Press Enter (or click the Save button) to save your changes.

February 26 2015

  • When adding new users to the system, an admin can now specify a default password instead of always having the system generate a random one. 
  • When an admin resets a users password, they have the option of having the system auto generate a password, or they can specify one of their own.
  • The employee pick-list user defined field type was showing guest accounts along with employees. This has been corrected to only show employees.

February 15 2015

  • You can now collect feedback from learners using survey questions. The types of survey questions supported include:
    • Multiple choice
    • Select all that apply
    • True/False (Yes/No)
    • Free text / comments
    • Ratings (via multiple choice - 1. Excellent, 2. Average, etc) 
  • A new Survey Answers report has been added to the course report screen that provides all answers to all survey questions for a course. 

January 25 2015

  • Added a new course report called Test Results with Answers. This new report shows all questions and answers for each person enrolled in the course, along with their progress status, score and time. You can find the new report on the Reports tab of the course management screens.
  • Large videos are no longer put in a queue before being processed. 
  • You can now search by team name on the course enrollments screen.
  • The number of team members is now displayed next to each team on the course enrollments screen.
  • You can now edit answers values when creating questions. Previously you had to delete the old answer and create a new one.

January 12 2015

  • Added the ability to mark enrollments as Forced Skip. This allows you to effectively remove people from a course, without removing any enrollment record. Marking enrollments as Forced Skip will help clean up your dashboards and reporting by removing people that aren't going to complete the course, yet continue to show incomplete. Click here for more information
  • The Time column on the course Overview screen now shows the total time the person spent on the course, across all attempts. Previously, this only displayed the time they spent on their "Completed" attempt, which caused some confusion. You can still view the time spent on each attempt from the ScoreCard and the Attempts report.
  • The course progress report now displays the total time the user spent in the course, across all attempts, in the Time column. 
  • Courses that are configured to "Retake on Fail" will show as In Progress (once started) until the course is completed. Previously, the enrollment would have shown as "Failed" until the user restarted the course, at which point it went back to In Progress, causing some confusion. You can still view all failed attempts from the ScoreCard or in the Attempts report.
  • Addressed several minor issues and defect



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