How to take a course in Traineaze

This is a short guide on how to take a course with Traineaze. It covers

  • How to start a course
  • Basic screen layout when taking a course
  • Navigating through a course
  • Answering questions

Starting a Course

1. After you login, you will see a screen showing all training you have "To Do". Find the course you want to start and click the Start button. 


Basic Course Layout

Once the course starts, you will see a screen similar to the one below. 


Course Navigation

1. To move forward through the course, you use the orange "Next" button located at the bottom of the screen. When the next button is visible, click it to move to the next slide.

Note: In most cases the Next button won't be visible until the current video has finished playing, or until any slide delay has expired.

2. If you need to go back to review a slide, click the Previous button.

3. Continue through the course until you get to the Course Complete or Pass/Fail screen.


Answering Questions

When taking a course, you may come across a question slide. To answer the question:

1. Select an answer from the choices provided.

2. Click the orange Submit button below the answers.

3. After clicking Submit, the system will let you know if you got the question correct.



How to use the course outline for navigation

Once a course has been completed, you can review the course as long as it remains active in the system. How to review a course you previously completed.


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