What is the Traineaze REST API?


The Traineaze RESTful API is designed to provide customers with an easy way to integrate Traineaze with their existing systems and workflows. For example, when you add a new hire to your HR system, you could use the API to automatically create an account for the person in Traineaze. It can also be used in conjunction with the Traineaze JWT based Single Sign On process to help reduce account management.

Here are some things you can do with the Traineaze RESTful API:

  1. Create, update and delete (inactivate) users.
  2. Get a list of courses in the system.
  3. Assign users to courses. Remove users from courses.
  4. Get enrollment information for a user (status, score, time, etc. for the courses the user is enrolled in).

The Traineaze REST API is SSL ONLY. You must connect using HTTPS.

A complete guide to using the Traineaze REST API can be found in the API section under your Company Settings.


Configuring Single-Sign On (SSO) For Your Company

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