How do I reset a user's password?

If an employee forgets their password, in most cases they can recover it using the "Forgot my password" link found on the log in screen.

However there may be times where, as an admin, you need to reset an employee's password for them.

How to Reset an Employee's Password

1. Click People from the top main menu.

2. Search for the person who's password you want want to reset and click their name.

3. From the details tab, click the "Reset Password" button on the right side of the screen.


To Have Traineaze Auto Generate a Random Password

1. Keep the "Auto Create Password" box checked, and click OK.


To Specify a Password of Your Choosing

1. Uncheck the "Auto Create Password" box.

2. In the "Initial Password" text field, enter the new password.

3. You can optionally uncheck the box that requires the person to change the new password upon first log in. If you keep it checked, the person will be required to create a password of their own choosing after they sign in.

4. Click OK.



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