What if I have people enrolled in a course that aren't going to complete it?

While there is nothing wrong with leaving people enrolled in a course when there is little chance they will complete it, you may find that over time some reports and dashboards may begin to appear "inflated" when showing incomplete and past due metrics.

Here are some tips for dealing with long outstanding enrollments.

For Active Employees

If you have active employees enrolled in a course, and you don't believe they will ever complete the course, you can do one of 3 things.

  1. Do nothing. You can leave them enrolled in the course, however they will continue to show past due or incomplete on some dashboards and reports.
  2. You can unenroll them from the course. Generally you do this if you accidentally enroll someone in a course they aren't supposed to be in. If a person never started the course, their enrollment record is removed. However, if the person had started or completed the course, their enrollment record is marked inactive. If at any point you re-enroll someone who had previously started or completed the course, their previous enrollment data is restored.
  3. If you believe someone is not going to complete a course, and you want to maintain a record that they did not start or complete the course, you can Force Skip them. This is usually the best option, as it will remove them from most dashboards and reports, keeping your core metrics clean, but does not get rid of any enrollment record.

For Ex-Employees

If a person is leaves the company, simply Inactivate their account. This will remove them from key metrics while keeping all their learning records.

 How to Force Skip an Enrollment

1. Click on Courses from the main menu.

2. Select the course you want to manage.

3. From the Overview screen, find the person you want to Force Skip.

4. Click the More Options icon on the right side of the grid next to the person you want to skip.

5. Select Force Skip.


  • You can also Force Skip enrollments for a person from the user management screens, under the Courses tab.
  • Any enrollment that has been marked as Force Skipped, can be reactivated by following steps 1-4 above, and then choosing Reactive from the menu.


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