What do the various enrollment progress statuses mean?

When a person is enrolled in a course, their enrollment status (and attempt statuses) will change status to reflect how they are progressing.


Not Started - The person has not started the course.

In Progress - The person has started the course, but has not yet completed it.

Completed - The person has completed the course.

Failed - The person attempted the course, but failed. This will only show if the course is not configured to allow retakes on fail.


It's also important to know that for each enrollment, a person may have one or more attempt at the course. This is particularly true if a course is configured to allow retakes attempts on fail. 

By looking at a persons attempts, you can see how much time they spent on each attempt, the score, and status.

You can view attempts by clicking the persons ScoreCard for the course, or by viewing the course Attempts Report.

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