Can I send a message to all people enrolled in a course?

Yes. Using the Messaging functionality built in to the system, you can easily send an email to all people currently enrolled in a course. You can target all people Past Due, Incomplete, Complete, or Everyone. Enter your message and then the system will take care of sending it to the right people.

You can use messaging to help drive course completion or to show recognition.

To Send a Message

1. Click on Courses from the main menu bar.

2. Select the course you are interested in.

3. Click the Messages tab on the left side of the screen.

4. Click the Send Email button.

5. On the "Send Email to Course Participant" screen, select your Target Audience.

  • Past Due - All people currently enrolled that have not completed the course by their designated due date.
  • Incomplete - All people currently enrolled in the course that have not started the course, or are currently in progress. This also includes anyone who may be past due.
  • Complete - All people who have completed the course and are active users in the system.
  • All - All people currently enrolled in the course, regardless of their progress status.

6. Enter the subject of your email message.

7. Enter the contents of your email in the body section. Note: You can optionally use merge fields to personalize the email contents.

8. Click the Preview button to have a copy of the email sent to yourself.

9. Once you are happy with the email, click Send.




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