How do I enroll people to courses in a collection?

You can easily enroll a person in all the courses in a collection from the Employee management area.

It's important to note how course collections differ from teams. 

  • Teams are groupings of people.
  • Course collections are groupings of related courses - primarily used for easy reporting across multiple courses and quick enrollment.
  • With teams, when you add a new course to the team, all team members automatically get the course.  
  • With course collections, when you enroll someone in the courses contained in the collection, they get all the courses available at that time. If later you add a new course to the collection, all people that were previously given courses from the collection will NOT get the new course. 

For example, if you have several new hire courses you want all new hires to take, you could create a course collection called New Hire Training. When you have a new employee, you can easily assign them all courses in the New Hire Training collection. If later you add a new course to the New Hire Collection, all your existing employees would not get it. This way, you don't end up with employees who have been with your company for 5 years getting new hire training. 


How to Enroll a Person In Courses from a Collection

1. Click People from the top main menu.

2. Find the person you want to enroll and click their name.

3. On the person's profile screen, click the Courses tab on the left side of the screen.

4. Click the Add Collection button.

5. Select the Collection with the courses you want to enroll the person in.

Note: You can click the arrow next to the collection name to view a list of courses in that collection.

6. Click Save Changes.

7. The courses have been added to the person.


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