What are Course Collections?

Collections are a way to group a series of related courses together and set the desired sequence of completion. You can assign collections to people/teams and quickly run a completion report for all courses in the collection. For example, if you have several courses you regularly share with new hires, you can create a collection called New Hire Training, set the desired order of completion, and then track progress information for everyone assigned to the collection.

It's important to note how Course Collections differ from Categories and Teams. 

  • Course Collections are an ordered series of courses.
  • Categories are useful for organizing your courses - similar to how folders organize files on a computer.
  • Teams are groupings of people.

Key differences between Collections and Teams

  • With teams, when you add a new course to the team, all team members automatically get the course.  
  • With course collections, when you enroll someone in the collection, they get all the courses assigned to the collection at that time. If later you add a new course to the collection, anyone who was previously assigned the collection will NOT get the new course. 


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