How To Use Video From YouTube

If you want to include a video you have hosted on YouTube in your course, there are two ways to do this. You can add a link to the video using the "External Content" option, or you can embed the video using the "HTML Content" option.

To Embed The Video Using HTML Content

1. Open the video in YouTube. 

2. Click Share.

3. Click Embed.

4. Click Show More to configure the embed options.


5. Change the video size to your desired size. We also recommend turning off "Show suggested videos when video is finished". Please review the other options and toggle any that make sense for your environment.

6. Copy the html code in the text box. This is the "embed code" and you will use it in Traineaze.

7. Open Traineaze and go to the Course Content screen for the course you want to embed the video in.

8. Click Add Content and then select Add HTML.

9. In the HTML Editor, click the View HTML button.

10. Paste the HTML Embed code you copied from YouTube in step #6 above.

11. Click Update to close the HTML Viewer.

12. Click Save on the Course Content screen.


  • Do not try to play the video while it's in the Editor. This may cause the page to stop working and you will have to exit and reload.
  • Since this is an external video, Traineaze will not be able to detect and enable the Next button only after the video is finished. Optionally, you may want to set the "Wait to show the Next button" value to roughly the same number of seconds the video is.


To Use a Link as External Content

1. Open the video in YouTube.

2. Click Share.

3. Copy the video link in the text box. 

4. Open Traineaze and go to the Course Content screen for the course you want to add the video.

5. Select Add Content and then pick External Content.

6. Paste the link in the URL box.

7. Click Save.


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