How Teams and Users Affect One-Another On Course Enrollments

It is important to understand how teams and individuals work when getting enrolled in a course. 

When you add or remove an Individual Person to/from a course, that is an “Explicit” add/remove and will always override any team assignments.

For example, say “Sam” belongs to 2 teams (team1 and team2).

1. If you add Team1 to a course, Sam gets the course.
2. Then if you explicitly remove Sam from the course by clicking the minus sign next to Sam’s name (or by viewing Sam’s user record and clicking Courses->Remove), Sam is now considered to be Explicitly removed from the course.
3. If you then add Team2 to the course, everyone in Team2 will get the course EXCEPT for those explicitly removed, which includes Sam at this point. So Sam will not get the course.
4. If you want to add Sam back to the course, you have to click the plus sign next to her name (this is an explicit add).

It also works the other way. If you explicitly add someone, then remove a team that the person belongs too, they will still have the course.


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