How To Endorse a Skill?


Skill Endorsements allow you to track on-the-job training for employees and recognize employee accomplishments. For an overview of the Traineaze Skill System and why this is important, click here.

How To Endorse a Skill

1. Open the profile of the user you want to endorse.

2. Click on the Skills tab located on the left side of the menu.

3. You should now see all the skills the user has been accredited - from both completing courses and from manager endorsements.

4. Click the +Add Skill button located on the right side of the screen.

  • Note: You can optionally click on a skill's name to expand the skill and click Endorse.

5. Select the skill you want to endorse from the picklist of skills.

6. Add a comment explaining why you are endorsing this skill. 

7. Fill out any remaining required fields.

  • Note: Companies can add custom fields to capture additional information during an endorsement.

8. Click the Save button.

9. Click the skill name you just endorsed. You should see your endorsement listed.


When you endorse a user for a skill, they will receive an email letting them know they have a new endorsement and show them the comment you provided.


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