Working With Custom Fields


Custom fields allow you to collect and track additional data on certain screens. For example, the default Skill Endorsements screen only has 2 fields, the name of the skill and a comment field. If you also wanted to track a "rating" along with the endorsement, you could add a custom field called "Rating" to do so.

Custom field configuration is only accessible to the Account Owner. Once the custom field is defined, then anyone who has access to the screen that contains the custom field will be able to view it.

Currently, Traineaze supports custom fields for the User and Skill Endorsement screens.

How To Create a Custom Field

1. Click on Account from the main menu and pick Company Settings.

2. On the company settings screen, click Custom Fields on the left side of the screen.

 3. The Custom Fields screen shows you all the fields you have defined for each part of the application. Click the +Add Custom Field for the area of the application you want to add the new field to.

4. The Custom Field Definition popup window is where you define the properties of your new field. Field Type and Name are both required. All other fields are optional.

5. Fill in the custom field properties.

  • Field Type - This is the type of field you want to create. Supported field types:
    • Text - Allows any combination of alphanumeric characters.
    • Numeric - Only allows numeric values.
    • Picklist - Creates a picklist with the choices you supply. 
    • Picklist of Active Users - Creates a picklist of all your currently active employees.
  • Name - This is the display name of the field and will be shown next to the field input box. 
  • Tooltip - If a tooltip is provided, a blue question mark will appear next to the field. The tooltip text appears when someone hovers over the question mark.
  • Required? - If you want to make sure the field contains a value when saving, check the Required checkbox.
  • Display Order - The position this custom field will be displayed relative to your other custom fields. 

6. Click Save to save the custom field.

7. You should now see your new field listed on the Custom Field screen.

8. Go to the part of the application you created the custom field for, you should see your new field. For example, if you created a field called Rating on Skill Endorsement object, if you open the skill endorsement screen for a user, you should see your new Rating field.



  • You can edit a custom field's properties by clicking the edit icon next to the field of your choice.
  • You can delete a custom field by clicking the trashcan icon next to the field. Warning - This will remove all data associated with the custom field.






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