How To Add Attachments To A Course


The attachments feature of Traineaze allows you to easily add reference documents to your course that a person can save and printout for later use.

Adding Attachments To Your Course:

1. Go to the Course Management screen for the course you wish to add attachments.

2. Click on the "Attachments" tab located on the left side of the screen.

3. Enter any instructions you want to provide to your people when they view the list of attachments. For example: "Make sure you print this PDF and bring it with you to the store."

4. Click "Add File" and select the file(s) you wish to add as reference documents.

5. After the file(s) have uploaded, click the "Save Changes" button.


Accessing The Attachments

If a course has attachments, a person enrolled in the course will be able to access the attachments from 3 locations:

  • From the My Courses screen there will be a paperclip icon with the word Attachments next to it. Clicking on this link will open the attachments window for that course.

  • When taking the course, the paperclip attachments link will appear on left side of the top menu bar.

  • On the course completion screen.


After clicking the paperclip attachment link, the user will be shown a window with any instructions provided, along with the attachments. 


Note: When the paperclip attachment link appears depends on how you have attachments configured for the course - either always available, or only upon course completion.



  • When adding attachments to a course, you can either make them Always Available, or Only Available Upon Course Completion. 
    • To make the attachments Always Available, uncheck the box called "Make attachments available only upon course completion".
  • Supported attachment types are PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Images.


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