What is a Team?


Teams are a way to segment your workforce into groups of people. The benefits of using teams are:

  • Courses can be assigned to a Team(s) instead of each individual person. 
  • When a new course is added to a Team, all team members automatically get that course.
  • When a new person is added to an existing team, they automatically get all active courses currently assigned to that team.
  • You can designate one ore more people as a Team Manager for a team. The Team Manager will be able to view and track course progress information for all members of that team. Team Managers can also optionally be granted permission to manage course enrollments for their members.
  • You can create as many teams as you need to best represent your employee and training structure.


You can create a team for Managers and another team for Office Employees. When you have a course that only Managers should take, you can assign it to the Manager team and only those members of the Manager team would get it. 

Or if you have a nationwide workforce, you could create a team for each region and designate someone as a team manager of each regional team. The team managers would then be able to track course progress information for their region.

Note: A person can belong to no team, or one or more teams.

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