Release Notes - 2014

December 2014

  • Introduced the concept of Course Collections, which enables you to group similar courses together for easier reporting and tracking. More information...
  • Enhanced Single Sign On capabilities by adding support for token based SSO using JWT (JSON Web Tokens).
  • Added support for the WebM video format. This will allow videos to play in FireFox natively.
  • Modified course completion reports to include employee email address. 
  • Added employee number to team progress report.
  • Adjusted several default email templates so hyperlinks will appear clickable to a wider range of email clients.
  • Addressed several minor issues and defects.

November 2014

  • Added Messaging to courses. Messaging makes it easy to send an email to a targeted audience for a particular course.  For example, you can quickly send an email to all people that are “Past Due”, “Incomplete”, “Completed”, or to everyone enrolled in a course. This allows you to drive your learners towards completion, or to send a “congratulations” message to everyone who has completed training.
  • Added a new report that lists all people that have received the new enrollment notification for a course.
  • Added Published/Unpublished functionality to courses. When you create a course it's default status is Unpublished. More Information
    • Unpublished courses are not visible/accessible to your learners. When you are building a course, it's best to keep it unpublished. 
    • Published courses are accessible to your learners. Once you have finished building your course and assigned people to the course, you need to Publish it to make it accessible.
  • Modified the Course List page to allow easy course filtering by Published, Unpublished, Archived, and All.
  • Added a status indicator next to each course in the Course List page.
  • Added the ability to Archive courses that are no longer being used. When you archive a course, all user and course data is retained but the course will no longer show up on dashboards or active reports. 
  • You can Unarchive a previously archived course to bring it back in to use.
  • Fixed several minor issues and defects

October 2014

  • Company admins can now view a usage report for any previous billing period. 
  • Users who forget their password can now have it reset by using the Forgot My Password link on the log in screen. This is only available to companies who are not using Single Sign On.
  • Added a selector that allows you to set the number of grid rows to display when viewing data. Previously this was set to 10 with no way to change it. Now you can select to view 10, 25, 50 or 100 rows at one time.
  • Added a Team filter to the Admin Enrollments dashboard that allows company admins to filter progress by a single team.
  • Added a Team filter to the Team Manager dashboard that allows managers to filter results by a single team.
  • Added a button to the HTML content creator that allows the course author to view the underlying html markup.
  • Addressed several minor issues and defects.

September 2014

  • Audio clips can now be added as a type of content when building a course. This is a great way to share a speech or spoken instruction without having a video or visual presentation.
  • Added a progress indicator to the course list screen that shows % complete. Clicking on the % will show a progress summary popup.
  • Added a Past Due key indicator to the course overview screen. Clicking on the indicator will filter the grid to show all the past due enrollments.
  • Changed audio players for improved playback reliability.
  • You can no longer select "Guest" as an employee role when creating new users. The guest role is auto-assigned to someone when they log in using the guest link.
  • Added any Custom Fields defined for your company to both the Skills Awarded and Skill Endorsements reports.
  • We now ignore leading and trailing spaces on the header fields for the team member import and course enrollment import.
  • There is now a Reports section under Teams.
  • Added a new report to the team section that provides course progress information for all courses assigned to that team.
  • When converting a PowerPoint created in widescreen mode, the converted output will also be in widescreen mode. 
  • Added a new Team Members report that provides an excel report of all active team members for any team.
  • Made some enhancements to the trial sign up.

August 2014

  • Released a new company administrator dashboard that provides at-a-glance information for all major components of the InStoreIQ system. The new dashboard allows admins to easily track current usage, course progress information and skill endorsements for their entire workforce.
  • Added support for Custom Fields on the user screen. This allows you to store and track additional data for each user. 
  • Modified the user import process to make it easier to import new users into the system. The new import process allows you to download a template" - specific to your company - that you can fill out and then upload.
  • Added the ability to batch update existing users using an import file. To update existing users, click People from the main menu, then choose Import" located on the right side of the screen. The system will give you a template you can fill out and then upload with your updated user information.

July 2014

  • Track on-the-job and ad-hoc training with Skill Endorsements! Team Managers and Company Admins can now endorse employees for the skills defined by your company. More about skills and endorsements.
  • When a user is endorsed for a skill, they will receive an email letting them know they have a new endorsement.
  • You can view your endorsements by expanding a skill in the skills section of your profile.
  • Added support for Custom Fields! Custom Fields allow the account owner to collect and track additional information on certain objects. Currently we offer custom fields for skill endorsements. You can find the Custom Field section in the Company Settings section.
  • Added a new course setting that allows you to define another course as a prerequisite to the current course. This means someone will not be able to start the current course until they have completed the prerequisite course.
  • You can now resend the New User Welcome Email to any user who has not yet logged in to the system. This new button is located on the person's detail screen.

June 2014

  • When adding a PowerPoint to a course, the generated slide content items get inserted into the course at the same position as the source PowerPoint. Previously they were always appended to the end of the course. 
  • When viewing your skills, you can now click the skill name to see a list of all the courses that awarded you the selected skill.
  • Team managers can now view all members in their selected team.
  • Team Managers can view a members courses and skills awarded for each team member.
  • Added a Past Due tab to the Team Dashboard. Clicking on the Past Due tab will show you all training that is now past due for your team members.
  • Modified the Team Progress Report to highlight past due rows in red and coming due rows in orange. Previously they were both highlighted in orange.
  • Enhanced the course due date settings to support "relative due dates". This means course due dates can now be either a hard date, or relative to the users enrollment date. For example, course "x" is due 10 days after the person is enrolled.
  • Added the enrolled date to the team manager dashboard so it's easier to see when a member was enrolled in a course.
  • The My Teams Progress Report should now generate faster when there are a large number of rows.
  • Added an online payment system for subscription processing.
  • Fixed several minor issues and defects.

May 2014

  • Added Course Attachment functionality. Course attachments allow you to attach reference documents to a course for the user to save, print, etc. To add attachments to a course, from the course management screen, click the Attachments tab on the left side of the screen.
  • Course attachments can be made always available or only available upon course completion. 
  • When viewing a course that has attachments, there are 3 ways to get to the attachments - 1. From the course listing page there is a paperclip next to a course that has attachments, 2. When taking the course there is a paperclip icon in the top left menu, and 3. On the course completion page. When the paperclip icon appears depends on how the attachments are configured for the course (only upon course completion or always available).
  • Made some tweaks to the My Courses page to better highlight your score for a course. Courses that aren't graded no longer show a score of 0%.
  • When taking a course, all progression related buttons are now orange to be a better indicator of what to do next. This includes "Next", "Submit" (on questions), and "Exit Course" at the end of the course.
  • Added an orange Exit Course button to the course completion screen.
  • The Course Progress Report and Attempts Report now provide an option for including inactive users.
  • Added a new tab to the Course Management screen called Reports. Clicking on this tab will show you all reports available for the course.
  • Added a new course report called "Answers Summary Report". This report shows you how many people selected each answer for each question. The report only uses the first answer a person provides.
  • Added search capabilities to the Course Enrollments screen.
  • Added search capabilities to the Team Members screen.
  • Fixed several minor issues and defects.

April 2014

  • Introduced Team Manager functionality and the My Teams dashboard.
  • Company Branding
    • Each company now gets a special web address that can be used to access InStoreIQ.
    • You can now add your company logo to the log in screen and menu bar. 
  • Added an Employee Export to the People screen. This export can be used as a source for importing employees into teams, courses, etc.
  • Added LDAP authentication support.
  • You can now choose whether or not you want the answers for a multiple choice question to be displayed in random order.
  • Added the product version and a "What's New?" link to the footer.
  • Addressed several minor issues and defects.

March 2014

  • Added this Release Notes tracker.
  • The pie chart on the Course Overview screen is now interactive. Clicking on the different categories the pie chart will automatically filter the data in the grid.
  • Added a Failed Attempts Key Indicator to the Course Overview screen.
  • Made the Scorecard for each person accessible from the Course Overview screen. 
  • Added an Employee Skill Tab to the employee management screens.
  • Introduced a new Company Administrator Dashboard. The new dashboard provides actionable key indicators for company wide course progress information.
  • Addressed several minor issues and defects.
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