What roles are available in Traineaze?

Roles in Traineaze define what parts of the system a person can access and what they can do. 

Guest - People you want to share a course with but do not have a Traineaze user account. Normally for people that are not your regular learners/employees. They can only access the courses you provide links to. 

Learner - A person who can sign in to Traineaze and take training. This is the default role. They can:

  • Access courses assigned to them
  • View their profile information. 

Team Manager - You can designate a person as a Team Manager for any team. As a Team Manager, the person can do everything an employee can do, plus:

  • View training progress information for everyone on their team.
  • View reports for the team(s) they manage.
  • View employee profiles for users they manage.
  • Optionally assign training and management enrollments for their members.
  • Send training reminders. 
  • Endorse skills for employees they manage.

 Training Admin - A training admin can do everything an employee can do plus:

  • Create and manage employees
  • Import employees
  • Create and manage teams
  • Create and manage courses 
  • Create and assign skills to a course
  • View reports

Company Admin - A Company Admin can do everything a Training Admin can but also has access to all company settings. This includes changing email templates, color schemes and branding, API and SSO configuration, subscription information, and more.  



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