How To Record Narration and Animation Timings In PowerPoint


Powerpoint allows you to create and record a presentation, complete with narration and animation timings, that can then be played back exactly as you intended. You can then upload your recorded PowerPoint file to Traineaze to be used as an eLearning course. 

Animation timings allow you to synchronize what you see on the screen with voice over. Usually this means having certain text/images appear at a specific point in the narration, etc.

From PowerPoint:

1. Create your PowerPoint as normal, with all your content and animations defined.

2. Once you are finished, click on Slide Show located on the top menu bar.

3. Click on "Record Slide Show".

4. Choose either "Start Recording from the Beginning" to record the entire presentation in a single pass, or choose "Start Recording from the Current Slide", allowing you to record a slide at a time. Note: If you are not happy with the recording on an individual slide, you can always re-record it as many times as you need.

5. You should now see a small pop-up window that allows you to select what you want to record. For this tutorial, keep both options checked and click "Start Recording".

6. You will now see your slide and can begin your presentation. You can begin your narration by speaking in to a microphone and clicking your mouse to trigger animations.

7. Once you are finished, press the "ESC" key, or click the "x" in the Recording Toolbar.

8. Once all the slides have been recorded and you are happy with how it plays in PowerPoint, you are ready to import it into Traineaze.

Note: When importing your PowerPoint into Traineaze, be sure to check the option "Convert static slides to images and animation slides to video" (In Traineaze).



- If you are not happy with how a slide is recorded, you can re-record it by Navigating to the specific slide in PowerPoint, then clicking "Slide Show", then "Record Slide Show", and then choosing "Start Recording from Current Slide". 






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