How To Import Learners


Importing learners allows you to add multiple people to the system using an Excel spreadsheet.

First, Get The Import Template for Adding Learners

1. Click on Overview from the main menu.

2. Click Import Learners under the Quick Actions section located on the right side of the screen.

3. Click "Get Learner Import Template" and save the MS Excel file.

4. Fill out the Excel spreadsheet with the people you want to import. 

 Note: All fields names must remain in the first row - even if you leave the value blank. Required fields are in red. If you leave the password field blank, the system will auto create a password for the user.


Next, Import The Learners  

1. Once you have filled out the Learner Import Template with the people you want to add to the system, click on Overview -> Import Learners to get back to the Learner Import screen.

2. Look towards the middle of the screen for the section labeled "After you have filled out the Learner Import Template".

3. Click the Select Files button and pick your spreadsheet containing the people you want to import.

4. Check the “Send Welcome Email” box if you want Traineaze to automatically send the new users an email containing their login information with instructions on how to access the system. This is especially important if you are letting the system generate passwords. You can also require learners to change their password after they login for the first time.

5. Click the Import button.

  • Note: If you are importing a large number of people, this may take some time, so please be patient.



You can also batch update existing users by clicking People from the top menu, and then clicking the Import button on the right side of the screen. You will then be presented with an option to update existing users. You can then follow the steps on the Update Users screen (the steps for updating are very similar to adding users - but it uses a different template so be sure to use the right one). 


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