How to enable course grading

Grading allows you to set a minimum score that must be met in order to successfully mark the course as "Passed". With Grading enabled, you can also define what happens when a person fails the course. 

1. Go to the "Course Settings" screen for the course you wish to enable Grading.

2. Under the Grading section, check the box "Is Graded".

3. In the "Passing Score" field, enter the minimum score needed to consider the course "passed".

4. You can optionally configure what happens when someone fails the course. The choices are:
  • Retake Until Pass - The person will have to retake the entire course, starting from the beginning, until they get a passing score.
  • Mark Failed - If you enable this option, there are no retake attempts. The person gets one attempt at the course and will either pass or fail. Note: This does not mean they have to take the course in one sitting, but once they complete the course it is marked either passed or failed. 

  • Once a course has been marked complete (either passed or failed), a person can re-enter the course at any time and will be placed in "Review Mode". This allows them to view the content, but no scoring or record keeping occurs.

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